Monday, 12 May 2014


NEW RELEASE: They’re Real Push-Up Liner from Benefit

We may be witnessing the start of a new Eye-Liner Revolution... Benefit have set about re-designing the eyeliner as a gel-formula pen with a rubberised-slanted tip. This tar Liner is the newest edition to Benefit's "They're Real" Range of long lasting products including a Mascara and Eye-Makeup Remover. It goes on sale June 2014 but, lucky me, I've been using it for the last few weeks!!


  • Twist the base to pump the liner to the nib - delivering a usable quantity of product.
  • The lid is screw top - great to prevent the liner from drying out.
  • It dries to a deep, rich matte black
  • This formula does not budge,  after a full-on cardio session at the gym it hadn't budged at all, even after washing my face it was still mostly there - definitely use a oil-based remover.
  • This product may start a revolution, forcing other brands to work on new formulae and design.
  • Great if you want to lock-in one look or add to it later in the day for a stronger evening look.


  • Use the flat edge of the nib against your eye working it into your lash line. Use the fine tip to taper the flick and into the inner corner of the eye.
  • As it's a gel formula it's not as wet as a liquid so needs to be applied in thin layers to prevent caking and flakiness. 
  • It glides on pretty smoothly but achieving a very thin line still takes care. 
  • If you use a firm, thin brush instead you can create a smudgy, smokey eye that will last an entire night and well into the next day. You'd have to wash the brush in oil pretty swiftly though as you may find brushes unusable if product is left to dry.


  • You will need a heavy-duty cream or oil based eye-makeup remover for this one - it is NOT coming off in a hurry.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Well here's a bit of breaking news. Mac Cosmetics literally announced hours ago via Twitter and Instagram that they will be launching a Simpsons Collection. 

Commemorating 25 years of the show this news has already gone viral. With the Hashtag #MACandMarge it is no surprise that the collection will focus around the blue-haired matriarch of the Simpsons Clan. Due out September 2014 no one has info on what we might expect to see from this range although I'm predicting an 'Electric Eel' eyeshadow colour or maybe even mascara or liner to be part of this collection. How about even a yellow nail polish? Well we can only keep guessing at this stage but I will keep you updated with any further developments.

I found a listing of "official" Simpsons colours listed on Pantone (official with quotation marks usually means just the opposite) but might give us a wee insight into colours we might expect to see.. Here's my own 'artist rendition' - purely based on supposition of course!