Friday, 5 October 2012


I love watching behind the scenes videos just as much as I love rummaging through other people's kits (am I a make-up Womble?). Here MAC Senior Artist Cher Webb shares the look Andrew Gallimore designed for Holly Fulton - natural looking freckles and a neon, two-toned lip. YUMMY!

Video courtesy of MAC Cosmetics


  • Select Cover Up lightly blended over hydrated skin to create an even, flat, “mannequin” look to skin.

  • Strut Eyebrow Pencil used to stipple freckles across the nose and cheeks, varying in size and density, and then patted over with a fingertip to create a “realness” to skin.

  • Pro Blot Powder Loose swept through the t-zone to polish and set.


  • Brows are combed and groomed


  • Embrace Me Lip Pencil (available s/s 2013) used to define the bow of lip and contour a more rounded shape, while avoiding the centre of the lower lip.

  • Pro Fuchsia and White Lipmix- mixed to create a neon pink and applied through the outer corners of the lip.

  • Pro Orange Lipmix applied though the middle of the lip towards the lower lip edge, finger width in size, in a rounded heart shape.

  • 217 Blending Brush used to softly blur the two hues of fuchsia and orange together to finish.

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