Friday, 23 November 2012


It's just occurred to me how much time I spend 'diving' into my local Boots or Superdrug to get supplies for my kit and it's strange I've never written a post specifically about products stocked in these stores. Here are some of my favourites for under £10.

In a great range of sizes perfect for at home or you kit. You can see exactly what's in there (essential if you have two suitcases full of makeup like me) and know that nothings spilled and everything is neat and in order. 

I absolutely love pigments for creating a strong look and at a quarter the price of some other brands you can afford to buy, play and experiment.

I go through lashes like there's no tomorrow - especially for my private clients who adore them. These particular ones in the range "Oh Honey" are soft and fluffy with a slight flick at the outer corners - great for all eye shapes.

From the amazing Pixi Woos girls - I only have one brush from the range and absolutely love it. The setting brush is perfect for powder touch ups and the right size for around the nose, chin and forehead. Must invest in more!

Great for mens grooming or a super natural look on the lashes or brows. A friend recently said she uses it over the top of mascara to separate her lashes more. I literally use it on every single job! Boots also regularly do some great deals which means you can get money off or even free - love it.

I recently borrowed this from a friend and was very reluctant to give it back. Yet another product I have vowed to invest in the whole line (not a bank breaker as there's only three in the range).

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