Friday, 18 January 2013


You may remember a while ago I posted about Chantecaille's Charity Eyeshadow Palettes - one of my post popular blog posts that still receives regular hits.

Well now Chantecaille's charitable intentions are turning to (que Jaws them song..) Sharks.

Passionately committed to saving our sharks, the BLOOM Association has successfully orchestrated a top-level ban on all Hong Kong Luxury Hotels from serving shark fin soup.
5% of proceeds from the Save the Sharks Palette will be donated to the BLOOM Association to ban unregulated shark fin trade.
If you've ever seen footage of shark finning, I can only liken it to hunting elephants for ivory. The practise of catching sharks en-masse, cutting off their fins and throwing them back in the sea (sometimes still alive) is a cruel and needless waste. Not to mention that these highly unsustainable fishing methods have experts estimating that within a decade most species of shark will be extinct due to longlining. As an apex predator sharks play an important role in the sea's eco-system and the impact on the sea's wildlife would be unthinkable. Read more about BLOOM and their efforts to protect the ocean.

So why not treat you or a friend to a beautiful palette for an extremely important cause? The colours themselves are extremely wearable, all containing a light iridescence that glows rather than glitters and can be worn as a natural day look or to create a sultry, glamorous eye.

The palettes are available: 

UK and Worldwide from Space NK for £75

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