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Make-up Artist Camila Fernandez shares her favourite kit products

At London Fashion week this year I was talking to my buddy and fellow Make-Up Artist Camila Fernandez about some of our favourite products. While a lot of our bits were the same we also introduced each other to some new gems - this led to the inspiration for today's post.

Camila has very kindly agreed to to fill us in on her current kit loves:

Clinique Airbrush Concealers £17

I absolutely love this product for using under the eyes. It conceals as well as illuminates, without creating that “panda eye” look. My most used shade is “Neutral Fair”. I also find that unlike other concealers, whilst still creamy it is light in texture and sets well (without looking dry) making it last on the skin.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealers £26

These concealers do not budge and cover even the most pesky of blemishes. The high level of pigment means you require very little product to achieve complete coverage. Each one has a unique two-shade system, one to match the skins depth of color & one to match the skins undertone.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector £33

I first discovered this product when I assisted the amazing Lisa Eldridge. This highlighting cream works a bit like MAC’s strobe but without the harsh blue tones and much more reflective (and effective!). You can mix with your foundation however I mostly like using it along the cheekbones to make the skin look dewy. I used to always use shade “Pearl” but recently they brought out “Moonstone” which is a light gold tone – which I actually now prefer!
I posted about this product earlier this week - link to it here

Bags By Kirsty Set bag £28.99

Set bags were always something I was having issues with. I could never find anything in them, they were either too big, too small, not enough pockets, not the right sized pockets etc… When I was working on the junket for ‘American Pie Reunion” I enviously spied another make-up artist with the niftiest set bag. She put me on to which is an online shop created by another make-up artist having similar woes!
The bag that I’m currently rocking is “set bag 1” with a retro apple side panel design and shoulder strap. These genius bags have a tissue dispenser, inside pockets and two circular side holders for your brush holder (I put my Paris Berlin brush tube in them) or hairspray (if you do both).

Sponges - cheap as chips!

Sponges are a tool that I never used because I considered them to be dated and didn’t see the point of, “I have hundreds of brushes that do the job just as well.” I thought. Or so I did until I started working with the legendary Kay Montano, who is also the total don when it comes to skin! She taught me to only apply foundation where it is needed, if the model doesn’t have any blemishes on the forehead? Then leave it bare. It’s beautiful to actually SEE the skin, not cover it in a one dimensional mask. Kay has taught me to blend and take away product using sponges to create a flawless base.

View more of Camila's work on her website here.


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