Sunday, 9 September 2012


I've been sitting on some exciting news for some time now and it's finally nice to be able to talk about it! Recently famous U.K brand Boots No7 bought out a new piece of technology that was able to scan skin and match it with the perfect shade from the newly re-vamped No 7 range. Well myself and fellow makeup artist Sian-Louise Auld have recently been appointed Cosmetic Experts and Social Media Managers for this Foundation Match Made Service for the crucial launch period and over the next six weeks. Whoop Whoop!

Ok so how the technology works:

• The device uses eight visible illumination colours and one ultraviolet that are shone on to the skin from three different directions eliminating shadows

• Images of the skin under each of the nine light settings are recorded

• Tone, colour saturation and lightness of the skin are measured from the images and compared against the tone, colour saturation and lightness of each of the foundation shades to work out which shade is closest

• The device then reports the closest shade and the next closest shade to the skin colour measured

Basically it's a sort of skin scanner and in order to get a better idea of how it works I think it's best to see it in action. Check out YouTube Beauty Guru and one half of Pixiwoos, Sam Chapman as she demos the device.

Pretty cool huh?
My selected shade was Beige but after discussing with the advisor we decided that as I preferred a slightly paler look then we'd go for the next shade down in Cool Beige. I've been wearing it in the Stay Perfect Formula - ideal for long days and (ahem) late nights and it's done the job. Not only that but I have been getting comments on how nice and healthy my skin looks which leads me to believe I may have been going a bit over the top previously with my 'pale and interesting' look.

If you have any more questions then feel free to jump on the Boots No7 Facebook Page or drop me a line directly by either commenting on this post, through Facebook or Twitter. Definitely worth giving it a go!

This service is available in most large Boots Stores in the UK, search here to find the one nearest you.

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