Friday, 17 August 2012


My Favorite Long-Lasting Products from MAC to keep you looking amazing 

As summer draws to a close, (actually, did it ever 'open'? - I say no) the last of the big festivals draw near. Alternating its locations between Hylands Park and Weston Park this weekend V Festival is set to be a whole bunch of fun.

As usual MAC Cosmetics will be behind the scenes keeping performers, guests and celebrities looking 'Rock & Roll Ready'.

Every year I attend a bunch of festivals and unfortunately this year due to work I haven't attended nearly as many as I would like. I have, however,  been inspired to share some of my favourite MAC products for festival going.. trust me on this one!

Click on the name of each product to link to the MAC Website.

Moisturecover concealer 

Just dab on where needed for fresh, dewy coverage. Great for touch ups. I use this as a foundation on occasions when I don't want to be lugging a big bottle of liquid around with me.

Studio Fix Powder
A matte foundation in powder form. Apply with a brush for a lighter coverage or with a sponge for heavier coverage. The compact has a mirror so again, perfect for touch ups on the move at festivals.

Liquidlast Liner

Will not budge until you use an oil-based eye makeup remover. I have been in the ocean with this little gem and still emerged perfectly lined. Rain or shine this is the perfect festival buddy - just apply prior to having a few drinks, it needs a steady hand.

Ruby Woo Lipstick

The last of MACs 'Retro Matte' Range. This is the ultimate red, super-duper matte, (make sure your lips are well primed) doesn't run, feather or bleed. I can knock back the pints, smoke as many cigarettes as I want and it's still there. Whoop!

Fix+ (Demi)

Cult product Fix+ in a baby container. Great for cooling down during a hot day and fantastic to spray over the top of the Studio Fix Powder if it's looking a bit too heavy. Spray on the back of the neck for a really cooling effect.

Wipes (Demi)

If you need a quick refresh of your makeup then this will take it all off with a swipe. I often take off my lipstick with the wipes then reapply (you'd be surprised how much better you can feel after doing this). I hate to tell you but I've also used wipes to deodorise when I've been dancing just a bit too hard.

Take some inspiration from looks MAC Senior Artist Dean Rudd has created to inspire guests at V.

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