Monday, 20 August 2012


Behind the scenes at the Olympic Closing Ceremony with Spice Girls Hair Stylist Christian Vermaak

I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Christian Vermaak on a job a couple of months ago. We had a blast, Christian introducing me to a whole world of You Tube hilarity and bonded over our week together.

If you don't know his name straight away you will know his work. Christian is Hair and Makeup Artist for Kylie, Dannii, Holly Valance and Emma Bunton (just to name a few) so when I found out he had created hairstyles for three of the Spice Girls for their Olympic appearance I had to ask him some questions...

How did you become involved in the Olympics Hair team for the Spice Girls?

I have been working with Emma for about 8 years... I do quite a lot of exciting stuff with her. So she asked me to work with her for the Olympics

Was it just her hair or the other girls as well?

I was in charge of Emma, Mel C and Geri's hair that day. There were quite a few of us in the glam squad. Each had their own make-up artist and Victoria and Mel B brought their own hairdressers from LA.

It must of been incredible to be backstage at the Olympics!

The atmosphere was amazing! We didn't get to see much behind the scenes because we were working but I did get to have a 45 minute bus ride sitting next to the one and only Annie Lennox after the show. That lady is an inspiration!

Any behind the scenes tips or tricks?

My hair tip/must have is the Cloud9 Heated Rollers. whether you're doing straight or curly hair, the rollers just give that added oomph and makes everything fall into place so much easier.

Did you have a brief for the job or just go with the flow?

The hair styles that were chosen for the event were based around what they were wearing. Emma wanted to go with a 60's vibe with her dress, Mel C wanted to keep it simple and chic so we went for a swishy poker straight pony tail and Geri is loving her bob at the moment, so she just wanted it to be tousled and bedhead sexy.

What were your key products for this particular job?

Each girl's hair is so different, so their key products are different too.

Emma loves a bit of volume... and there is nothing better for volume than the Schwarzkopf Dust It. It's amazing.

Melanie C's pony needed to endure the wind from the taxi, so the Kevin Murphy Session Spray kept it locked and loaded and didn't move ALL night

Geri's hair needed some texturising, and I've found the L'Oreal Dirty Clean Matt Paste worked brilliantly.

How can we get amazing hair like the girls?

Experiment with your hair. Sometimes the greatest styles come out of the greatest disasters!

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