Friday, 10 August 2012


Revlon Announces New Nail Enamel with 11 Day Wearability

It's finally happened. I have removed my beloved Biosculpture nails and my natural nails have seen daylight for the first time in over three years. Actually, just as I read that back I realise how unhealthy that statement sounds, ew.

The reason I did remove them had nothing to do with the health of my nails, but simply that I don't have the time to have them done - even though my lovely nail technician comes to my house. My ever-shifting schedule is so unreliable that the only thing I could rely on was the fact i would have to spend 15min of every day ringing people to apologise and change appointments.

My day has been brightened by the news that nail brands are beginning to bring out their own nail polishes with gel-like formulas, bridging the gap between regular nail-laquer and the Shellac and Biosculpture treatments offered at Salons.

Revlon has been the latest to announce such a range, I'll let them explain it to you...

Now Revlon have launched an innovative new collection called ColorStay™ Nail Enamel, which is long-lasting (11 days wearability) with a high gloss finish. This latest technology is based on a unique combination of resin and high molecular weight polymers, designed to providea long-lasting gel-like finish. - Revlon Press Release

Thats nice for you Revlon, but does it work? Well, I can tell you I will be keen to put it to the test now that my nails are resembling those of someone kept in solitary confinement in a medieval grotto, etching each day on the stone wall using my bare hands - I am the ultimate test/worse case scenario! If it works for me then I can pretty much guarantee that it will work for you. Watch this space for reviews.

Im not ashamed to admit I am swayed by the fact the campaign is fronted with work from one of my favorite photographers Solve Sundsbo and I do find it hilarious the extent nail polish advertisements embrace the sexy, caressing hands motif, "oohhhhhh, i love running my gloriously good-looking hands up and down my youthful and obsurdly long neck" or "hey, I always cup my face while delicately licking the tip of my pinky finger with my perfectly moistened tongue and lips". Mind you, look at any image these days and you'll get them same girl-orgasms-over-perfume-while-reclining-on-rocks theme without thinking twice. Ahhhhh fashion, how I love you.

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