Sunday, 12 August 2012


Let your peepers glow Neon with a little help from MAC Cosmetics

I love a bit of coloured liner, it’s a simple and effective way of achieving a strong look when pressed for time. Over the years I have tried and tested many techniques to achive this intensity of colour  in a matte formula with varying levels of success.
I have tried all sorts of pigments and mixing mediums to achieve this effect (here’s just one of many) using products from MAC Cosmetics


  1. Apply Fascinating (white) Kohl Pencil as liner.
  2. Using an Angled Liner Brush 266, gently pat Magenta Madness Pigment on top of the white liner.


  1. Apply Prep+Prime Lash to your top lashes
  2. Mix Magenta Madness Pigment with a tiny amount of Lash Mixing Medium (or just apply dry over the wet primer) apply with a angled liner brush or a mascara wand.
Extra Tips
  1. Experiment with colour and layering - you can achieve some amazing results.
  2. Dont be afraid to add colour over black liner - it will often boost the colour.

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